Maurice Prost would have been able to be simply a talented animalist artist, as his friends with whom he shared the passion of his art and animals. But Prost is remarkable by his own work and his life. While the fate has just struck him (he is amputated by an arm from the first months of the war in 1914), he abandons his profession, cheseling jeweller, and opts for his passion, the animalist sculpture. He will be a sculptor, an hewer, the most difficult among arts.  This choice is surprising considering his handicap, but it is reveals the will-power and the courage which will characterize him throughout his life. From 1919 till 1945, Prost realize the biggest part of his creations, very original often. Acknowledged Artist by the public, the criticism and also the art professionals , he received during his career the highest distinctions. His work, rich and remarkable,illustrates a part of Art-Deco,one of the richest periods of the XXth century.